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What is Colour Healing?

Colour healing is basically what it says -  a form of holistic healing that uses colour to heal a person.

Everything in the universe is made up of energy and this energy varies in density depending on the object, person, etc. For example, a rock is made up of a very dense slow moving energy, whereas the air around us is made a very fast vibration. Within the human body we have 7 main energy centres known as chakras (see the chakra section) and each of these is related to a particular colour. Therefore, to balance that particular chakra there is a certain colour that need to be used to do this. 

For example, if it was diagnosed that I had a blockage in my root chakra, which was causing disease within my body, then I would use the colour red to treat myself, as I know that the colour red has the vibration and frequency needed to unblock this chakra and help to maintain balance within my body.


Why use colour to heal?

Colour is all around us and every colour that we come into contact with has an effect on us. Have you wondered why you chose to wear the colour top youíre wearing now? One reason could be that you needed that colour today. For instance if you were tired when you put an orange top on it could be because you needed to boost your energy, or that you had a blockage in your sacral chakra and needed the colour orange to unblock it. Using colour is an excellent way to heal people as we can use colour in our food, drinks, and rooms in our homes, light, crystals and scarves. The possibilities are endless!

Is there a particular colour that you find that you avoid? Or colour that you would say that you donít like? This could be because your body does not like the vibrations of this colour.

Colour therapy as with all holistic therapies is not something that should be used instead of seeking medical advice. If you have a medical problem please seek advice from a doctor or a professional. Colour therapists are not doctors and even though colour therapy can help with symptoms and help to heal. We would by no means suggest that if you have a chronic condition that we can completely heal you.


Colour breathing

There are many ways that you can heal yourself using colour, one of those is colour breathing. This is where you visualise that you are breathing in one colour and breathing out its complimentary colour (a complimentary colour is the opposite of the colour you are breathing in).  To do this:

1)   Sit in a comfortable position and take a few deep breaths in and out to still your thoughts and to make your mind blank.

2)   Visualise that as you are breathing in you are breathing in the colour that your body needs. Visualise that colour going in through your nose and spreading to every part of your body.

3)   As you breathe out visualise the complimentary colour leaving every part of your body, from your feet all the way up, and leaving through your mouth.

4)   Keep doing this until your intuition tells you that you no longer need to.

Colours and their complimentary colours

Red (energy and vitality) and turquoise (boost immune system and reduce inflammation)

Orange (joy and fun) and blue (relaxation, peace, good sleep)

Yellow (intellect and objectivity) and violet (self-respect, dignity and beauty)

Green (cleanse, clean, balance) and magenta (let go of obsessive thoughts, images and memories)

Therefore, if I was having trouble sleeping I would breathe in the colour blue and breathe out orange.

Colour breathing is an excellent and very effective way of using colour to heal yourself.


Colour visualisation

Another way of healing yourself with colour is colour visualisation. This one is often used during meditation and can also be used during chakra cleansing.

To do this:

1)   Sit in a comfortable position, light a candle, use some incense (if you wish) and possibly play some meditation music.

2)   Now breathe as before in quite slow breaths to help still and clear your mind.

3)   Now imagine that you are walking along a path in a forest and on either side of you there are a lot of flowers. Now pick out the colour of the flower you are drawn to.

4)   Visualise that the flower is getting bigger and that the colour expands away from the flower until it is in a ball in front of you.

5)   Visualise that the ball is getting bigger and bigger until you are in the centre of it. Now feel the colour seep through your pores and through every cell in your body. Feel it flowing through your body removing any areas of negativity and that every area that needed that colour is now full of it and completely balanced.

6)   If you feel like you need to do this with more than one colour you can use the same process.

You may find that after practise you do not need to use flowers to help you visualise the colour that is fine. This is just a guide always follow your intuition and do what you feel is necessary. If you feel that your body needs more than one colour or that you only need a small amount of colour always do what is best for you.

If you find that you do not have time to do this, pick clothes in a colour that you feel that your body needs, so at least you are getting a little healing instead of nothing.


Please beware that there are some colours that should not be used in certain situations. Always seek the advice of a qualified colour healing therapist if you are pregnant, have suffered from depression or have had any heart problems.


    If you have any questions regarding colour healing please contact David Ball who holds a professional qualification in Colour Therapy. 

At this present time David is not offering Colour Therapy treatments due to his many other holistic commitments however he plans to offer his services from the spring of 2009.  Please enquire for details.




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