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The World Oneiric Life Force Paranormal Research team are a group of professional fully trained paranormal investigators who seek evidence and informative data in the existence or non-existence of the spirit phenomena.

Either present at an investigation or as additional support, our dedicated team consist of:

  • ASSAP (Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena) Accredited Investigators who have been specially trained in the research and use of high end equipment designed to produce the best results. All staff members are fully trained via our own extensive training programme also.

  • First Aider

  • Professional Counsellor (provides free service as support to clients should they require it)

  • Photographic Analyser

  • Data Loggers and Analysers

  • Risk Assessor/Health & Saftey consultant

  • Historical Researchers

We have Public Liability Insurance covering us up to 5m liability enabling us to investigate ANY location who request our services.  Certificate available for inspection at any time.

Alongside the scientific approach, we also adapt a spiritual and divination element into our studies to capture an all-rounded account of occurrences.  We highly encourage the client to participate in such experiments however participation is not essential.

With an extensive portfolio, the WOLF Paranormal Research team provide a thorough and scientific investigation into paranormal phenomenon with full feedback and on-going support. Previous investigations extend to as far away as the United States demonstrating our experience and diversity.

The key members of the Paranormal Research team are also associated members of Forensic Paraspsychology.

Professional 'Ghost hunting' equipment is used to measure all activity at locations with constant tests and measurements taken at regular intervals to build up each case.

All locations including private residences will be considered for a free and private investigation and are subject to a strict confidentiality agreement.

Full report provided upon completion.



For urgent cases within a 10 mile radius of Stourbridge, we can usually conduct a consultation and investigation within 24hrs. (This is for instances where the client is fearful to stay in the property). 

We also have key team members in Coventry and Birmingham so non-local cases may also fall into this category subject to staff availability.

For cases out of the immediate area we will conduct a consultation via phone within 24hrs with a follow-up visit and/or investigation within 7-10 days.



We will conduct an initial consultation via phone within 48hrs and arrange a follow-up visit and/or investigation at a convenient time for the client and our team members.



Through our professionalism and high standards of protocol in executing investigations into paranormal activity we will offer legitimate, uncorrupted information supported by our Research Department's objectives.


To create an environment of a valued membership whereby paranormal discussions are viewed and openly discussed without prejudice or fear. To scientifically and without prejudice explore the realm of paranormal activity with an emphasis on the topics of, ghosts, haunting, poltergeists and life after death. To carry out professional investigations through on-site research with the aid of leading edge technology. To report all findings through our internal structure to maintain confidentiality, or in instances where an investigation is viewed as public or non-private, to discuss research material via our website, chat forum or in staff meetings.


To find out how we conduct our investigations please click here


Alternatively, you don't have to live in a 'haunted' property to search for phenomena - you can join us on a Paranormal Experience event at some of the UK's most haunted locations.  Click on the above link for more information.



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