You can join World Oneiric Life Force Paranormal Research as an Associate Member.


Membership gives you first refusal on all up-coming Investigations, discounts on Vigils, discounts on giftshop items and excellent discount on Training Workshops, Angel Card Readings.  You will also be able to access free mini-courses specialising in Paranormal phenomena and Psychic development. 


You will be invited to meetings to discuss upcoming cases and be given the opportunity to become more involved in the Research Department, this may include location visits prior to the actual investigation.


We also organise regular social events that you may attend.


As a member you will also receive regular updates and information via email and post.


Should any Staff vacancies arise within WOLF PR, Associate Members will be considered prior to any other applicants.



All members will receive a full membership pack including Certificate, membership card, information and discount card.


Membership costs £15 for 12 months

For further information and to purchase your Associate Membership please visit our online booking system.  A copy of the Confidentiality Agreement that all members must sign is copied below for your reference.



Please note, all members must sign a confidentiality agreement.  This is to protect the member, World Oneiric Life Force and any owners of private properties that we may investigate.

The agreement is laid out here below and a copy is included in your membership pack which will need to be signed and returned to us in the SAE provided.

World Oneiric Life Force

Confidentiality Agreement

A Confidentiality Agreement, which are also known as non-disclosure agreement or NDA, is simply a contract between two or more parties where the subject of the agreement is a promise that information conveyed will be maintained in secrecy. These agreements can be mutual agreements, where both parties are obligated to maintain secrecy, or they can be unilateral agreements, where only the receiving party becomes obligated to maintain secrecy, such as for Paranormal Research groups.

The following statement explains our policy regarding any personal information and research World Oneiric Life Force maintain for paranormal research records. Any queries about our confidentiality agreement or NDA then please don’t hesitate to call World Oneiric Life Force Direct on 0845 224 6085

World Oneiric Life Force has an ongoing Paranormal Research program that has elements of up to date advances on the recording of the supernatural through parapsychology and spiritual mediumship. All research gathered and maintained is unique to the World Oneiric Life Force alone and kept from the public for the risk of plagiarism, and leaked information regarding ‘Private Investigations, angel card readings and spiritual/non spiritual counselling. Due to the fact that World Oneiric Life Force Associate members will be taking part in some of our research we ask you to read our terms of confidentiality.

 Paranormal investigations

Associate Members of World Oneiric Life Force will not be eligible to disclose personal information regarding any investigations that are made private by the land owner. All research maintained is for the sole purpose of paranormal research and spiritual healing. Any associate member found disclosing sensitive information to any persons outside of the World Oneiric Life Force may be taken to court and will have there associate membership terminated.

 Spiritual / Non Spiritual Counselling

Any World Oneiric Life Force Associate Member that is asked to have some input in a personal counselling session with a client, spiritual/non spiritual, must keep all maters private. Again any associate member found disclosing sensitive information to any persons outside of the World Oneiric Life Force will have there associate membership terminated.

 Angel Card Readings

We ask all persons that wish to listen in on an angel card reading under the agreement of the client is not to use this information and recall it to any persons within World Oneiric Life Force or persons outside World Oneiric Life Force. If any Associate Member found disclosing delicate and personal information will be put under investigation under World Oneiric Life Force and action will be taken duly.

 Matters of Spiritual Communication

World Oneiric Life Force use different means of communicating to source information from spiritual matter. ANY Information recorded through ‘Spirit Boards’, Dowsing methods or Clairvoyance/Psychic Mediumship is the property of World Oneiric Life Force and any Associate Members found repeating this delicate information will be put under investigation under World Oneiric Life Force and action will be taken.

 Historic Information

Any historic information gathered and recorded about a location that World Oneiric Life Force are researching is strictly for the use of World Oneiric Life Force and will be released to the appropriate persons outside of world Oneiric life force under the discretion of the World Oneiric Life Force only. Any Associate Members found repeating this delicate information will be put under investigation under World Oneiric Life Force and action will be taken.

 Sharing of Information

World Oneiric Life Force does not sell, disclose or transfer mailing lists of personal information to third parties, if you have submitted personal information to us via this web site, by email, by phone or by post; we may from time to time contact you when we have places for associate membership or promotions. Should you not wish to receive such communications, please contact us.

 Message Boards

As an additional service to associate members, over and above our legal obligations of associate membership, World Oneiric Life Force now operates message boards. World Oneiric Life Force reserves the right to withdraw the message boards at any time and without notice.

In certain circumstances, World Oneiric Life Force may be liable for defamatory or illegal posts published on the message boards. World Oneiric Life Force reserves the right to monitor any posting from the World Oneiric Life Force message boards. World Oneiric Life Force reserves the right to edit or delete any posting. Examples of circumstances where we would do this include, but are not limited to, postings that World Oneiric Life Force considers to be defamatory, rude, offensive, insulting, in bad taste, against the interests of World Oneiric Life Force, advertising non World Oneiric Life Force services or events or in any way illegal. World Oneiric Life Force reserves the right to ban or suspend an individual’s ability to post on the message boards. If anyone has issues or concerns about a posting, please contact us.

 Associate Member Bookings

When an associate member books onto an event their name will be included in the “Who’s booked” list, so that other members can see who has booked a particular event.

However, we realise that some associate members may not want this information disclosed. Any such member should contact us and request that their name be marked “Ex-Directory”. “Name Withheld” will then appear in place of that associate member’s name. Any member who has opted to be "Ex-Directory" will not have their details such as name, address, telephone number etc sent out on transport share lists for events where further details are sent. Associate Members can also choose which contact details to make public and which private rather than have all their details withheld.

 Event Organisers

World Oneiric Life Force may supply personal information about associate members and guests who are booked on a particular event, to the supplier of that event, whether it is under a ‘Paranormal Experience’ or an independent supplier. The information (e.g. details of dietary requirements, medical conditions, rooming requests etc) is for the associate members' comfort and safety whilst on events and will not be used by other groups or suppliers for other purposes.

 Website Non-members / Public Area

Non- Associate Members will not have access to areas containing member’s names and personal contact details. A password and associate membership number is required for access to the members area. At national level, however, members booking onto any World Oneiric Life Force event may have their names listed in public access areas unless they have requested to be made 'Ex directory' as described above on the World Oneiric Life Force database. No public access will, however, be available to other associate member details at national level.

Automatically recorded information

We may record information about the number of times this site has been visited and the IP (Internet Protocol) address of your computer. This does not contain any personal information about you, but allows us to analyse statistics about how popular parts of the website are. This will allow us to further develop the website.

 Email Addresses

World Oneiric Life Force uses email to communicate with associate members booked on certain events and to advise associate members of forthcoming events, some of which are exclusive to email. We also use email to advise associate members of updates, news, new information etc.

Our policy is to keep emails to a minimum and only communicate with members when we have something worthwhile to say. We do not want to fill your inbox with Spam. We believe that this is a valuable service for members, allowing World Oneiric Life Force more flexibility in the type and lead-time for events we can offer. Should any member prefer not to receive such emails, please contact us.

If you make an enquiry about World Oneiric Life Force and provide us with your email address and / or mobile telephone number, then we may from time to time send you emails or SMS messages to tell you about any events that we think may be of interest to you. If you do not wish to receive emails or SMS messages from World Oneiric Life Force, then please tell us at the time of making your enquiry or contact us to let us know.


We may publish photographs we have received from members on our website and in publicity materials throughout the World Oneiric Life Force network. As many photographs will be group shots it is almost impossible to ask permission of everyone shown in each photograph and indeed it is difficult to keep track of who sends photos to us of themselves and of other individuals on events that they have attended. It is, however, important to share the photos with other members who have attended the events and with new enquirers who want to know a little more about the World Oneiric Life Force and what we do. We will, therefore, aim to ensure that all photos used are in good taste and unlikely to cause offence. If, however, you see a photograph you would not like to be used please contact us with details and in the case of web photos we will remove them ASAP and in the case of printed materials we will ensure that the photo is not used in further print runs.

 Links To Other Sites

This site contains links to other sites, which may be of interest to visitors of this site. However, World Oneiric Life Force cannot be held responsible for the contents or practices of any such site.


This website and all events incorporated operate under English Law.

 Contacting us

If you have any queries regarding this policy, please contact us at or call us on 0845 224 6085

  I Agree and accept the terms and conditions in the confidentiality agreement or NDA



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