EMF Readers

EMF Readers are an important part of investigative equipment. EMF, Electromagnetic Field, is the energy that is stored in stationary objects in addition to the energy found in moving objects (current). It is widely believed that spirits hold some sort of energy. The theory is backed up with the argument that you cannot be rid of energy, as energy will transform into another form of energy once finishing its course e.g. the energy used in a light bulb transfers into light, another form of energy. The same can be said for life, we create energy and when we die our energy needs to transform into another form of energy, If it is taken with us. Then we can document any abnormal fluctuations of electromagnetic energy by using this device. An important tool for ghost hunting.

Laser Thermometers

These are used when you need to focus your temperature recordings on a more refined area. When on an investigation into the paranormal it is quite frequent when you come across ‘Cold Spots’. Cold spots are commonly thought to be caused by the electromagnetic energy. This change in temperature is called ‘Induction’ A laser thermometer can pinpoint a cold spot and check the fluctuation between that and the rest of the room. An excellent piece of equipment to own when out on a paranormal investigation.

Motion Sensors

This consists of two parts, one an emitter and one a receiver. An infra red light beam is emitted between the two parts and if this is broken an alarm will sound. The beam barrier is useful for locking off areas or perhaps even placing in amongst a group on vigils and passively monitoring the unit to see if the beam is disturbed. This consists of two parts, one an emitter and one a receiver. An infra red light beam is emitted between the two parts and if this is broken an alarm will sound. The beam barrier is useful for locking off areas or perhaps even placing in amongst a group on vigils and passively monitoring the unit to see if the beam is disturbed.

Power Torch

Quite self-explanatory but an integral part of ghost hunting. Most investigations will be held in the dark. As a serious health and safety issue you will need one of these at all times. Although the Base Line Tests rule out any immediate dangers, there are some unavoidable hazards that you will come across such as steps, low beams and of course, your fellow team members. It is usually a given that you try to stay as still as possible during a vigil but WOLF feels it imperative to follow an instinct and investigate. There are times when team members may split up and investigate separately, Its at this point where walkie talkies and torches are invaluable to an investigator.

EVP recorders

Another interesting piece to have in any paranormal Investigators kit. EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomena is as it says, by using digital audio equipment, it is controversially believed that spirits can leave messages on the recordings. Not quite accepted by mainstream science, Electronic Voice Phenomena Is used in most paranormal Investigations and its findings are well documented. Good old analogue tape recorders/dictaphones are excellent in terms of EVP capture as the frequency range captured is wide and the recordings are usually hiss-free however using tapes is quite frankly a pain and you can forget about putting your results on your pc unless you own the necessary equipment. Digital dictaphones are the next option, these discreet recording devices are somewhat dearer than their tape based counterparts but negate the need to keep a stock of tapes. The recordings are generally acceptable for investigation purposes and can be easily transferred to a pc however they do tend to suffer from a narrower frequency range than their tape counterparts and hiss is evident. Perhaps one the best devices to capture EVP is a mini-disc recorder. These benefit from the advantages of the previous devices and have come down significantly in price due to the popularity of MP3 devices, most allow for a mic out and you should use a model that has a PC link ( usually USB ) to allow easy sharing/storing of your recordings. Some MP3 devices also allow for recording but at this stage most models available are primarily for playback.

Ouija Board/Talking Board

Only to be used by professionals and experienced users. What you do by using these boards or by using other portal devices is essentially open a gate through which any entity may pass and much like the personalities we meet in life it is possible to encounter both good and bad, dependant on your outlook, that is why it is necessary to have protection in place. Once you have opened the board and completed the session don't forget to shut the gate by closing the board. There is no physical advantage in using either wood, slate, glass or plastic but the easy movement of the planchette ( pointer ) over the surface is required. To the paranormal investigator the results of using these devices can sometimes give us names and dates that can referenced and even reasons why activity is taking place, this of course can greatly assist if say a resolvement is sought.

  Digital Thermometer

Used to measure the temperature of a room. This piece of equipment usually has a metal element attached to the main case; this is where the temperature is read. Temperature information is then sent to the main case and shows up on the screen. This piece of equipment works great for keeping record of room temperatures throughout paranormal investigations. It is important to keep note of temperatures throughout the night as any fluctuations in room temperature is worthy of serious investigation.


Digital Video Recorder/Night Vision

The most important and integral element of this piece of equipment, apart from the fact that the camera is recording the footage is the fact that it has night vision. Night Vision is made possible through modern technology and works exactly the same way it does for animals that have natural night vision, the combination of enhanced spectral range, and enhanced intensity range. Taking these two ranges into consideration it is possible you could actually pick up more visual. They say that orbs, the first manifestation of a ghost, have been able to be caught through this method. There is one vital factor for camcorders employed in ghost hunting and that is the ability for a 0 lux recording mode, these are usually termed 'night mode' or 'super night mode' Just like digital cameras - camcorders have CCD chips or sometimes CMOS chips which are able to view in the infra red spectrum, some are more sensitive than others though. When a camcorder offers 'night or super night modes' what is basically happening is that it removes what is known as an infra red cut filter from infront of the CCD or CMOS chip(s) All cameras and camcorders have these in place ahead of the CCD or CMOS chips to prevent infra red light from reaching the chip(s) which in daylight conditions would produce undesired results. However we as ghost hunters want this ability because we can record in the dark using this! Once 'night or super night mode' is activated the camcorder removes the infra red cut filter and light of the infra red frequency then reaches the CCD or CMOS chips. Humans and animals can't see this light but the chips sure can! However light of the infra red frequency still has to be present or even this seemingly see-in-the-dark ability is useless so on a camcorder when you switch on 'night or super night mode' an infra red light that's usually on the front of your camcorder is turned on as well. Of course you probably won't notice it's being turned on because as we mentioned your eyes are not able to see the frequency of this light. Now if your serious about achieving good results in dark conditions then this meagre light on the front of your camcorder simply isn't up to the job. We strongly recommend using a supplementary infra red light, there are many about at varying prices and generally you want one with an 850nm ( or above ) infra red frequency, most night vision capable camcorders will produce good results when used with supplemental lights at this frequency. You'll notice that when in 'night mode' your camcorder overlays the image with a green effect, this is not the infra red light causing this but the camcorder itself as this green overlay is supposed to help in viewing dark images. Some camcorders are better than others of course and generally we do not promote certain brands/makes but will say that Sony have not forgotten that there are those of us who need to be able to film in the dark though we do advise you to watch out on the latest range of their camcorders as they now employ Sony's new intelligent hot-shoe which means that the supplementary light they make ( Sony Infrared Light - HVL-IRM ) no longer fits neatly on top of their camcorders, though even this affordable light is not quite up to the job of really supplementing your camcorder's own light but it is widely available. King of the pro-user DV tape camcorders remains the Panasonic AG-DVC30 but high definition camcorders may well equal or exceed it's results. Admittedly we have not tried 0 lux recordings using one of the latest high definition capable camcorders due to the lack of available editing software for high definition but this will become less of a problem as the eventual switch is made to high definition as the norm in the near future. Remember as well that as with photography consider using a tripod or monopod to cut out shaking/jerking. In vigils it can get tiring holding your camcorder for long periods just waiting for something to happen and of course familiarise yourself with the use of your camcorder in dark conditions.

Walkie Talkies

On investigations it is not always possible to communicate with your colleagues because you could be on two separate areas in a location or maybe you’re in the middle of a vigil and want to keep noise to a minimum. This piece of kit is perfect for keeping in touch. Another handy use for this equipment is when a team member wishes to do a solo vigil and this is a great way of communicating with them.     



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