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 Are you the owner of a property that you suspect is haunted? 

 Do strange things happen at home or your workplace that do not have a logical explanation? 


  If you need our investigative services into ghostly phenomena, follow the steps below. 

  1.  Contact the co-founders on 07982 240529 or 07787 131715. or email us stating whether the case is urgent or non-urgent.

  2.  Upon brief discussion with co-founder to determine requirements, arrange a consultation interview.

  3.  Consultation dependant, a full investigation may be conducted at the location/property.

  4.  On-going support will be provided as required.

  5.  Client report containing all findings, recommendations and guidance will be provided.


The World Oneiric Life Force Paranormal Research team are a group of professional fully trained paranormal investigators who seek evidence and informative data in the existence or non-existence of the spirit phenomena. See our About us page for information pertaining to our services.

Our team often receive calls asking if we can come around and ‘get rid’ of ghosts. These investigations are classified as Private Locations and are usually very specific and personal to the client - we have a number of Private Investigations on file and all are treated with the strictest of confidence.

Unless under extreme circumstances (see urgent cases section below), we never investigate an alleged haunted location without some thorough background research prior and consider this an investigation pre-requisite.

In all instances, one of our experienced Consultants will meet with the client for an initial consultation. The consultation is a brief interview to determine the level of activity experienced and make provisions for any necessary next steps.  Photographs and drawings of the property will be taken also.

The client always comes first and foremost with any Paranormal investigation and it is likely that if they have contacted an investigation team, they are distressed about a possible haunting or phenomena that has occurred. For anyone that has encountered distress through living with a spirit, in particular a strong willed spirit, you will appreciate that it difficult to continue your regular daily activities, especially when things escalate to breaking point. Spirits CAN NOT harm you physically but one of the ways spirits can attack you is ‘spiritually’ or 'psychically' - this can be a major contributor to depression or other symptoms.  Obviously this is in extreme cases only but as it is an identified area of concern, our qualified Counsellor who specialises in the Paranormal can be made available to attend both the consultation and investigation if necessary.

At the initial consultation, we will arrange a convenient date to Investigate the property - there is usually a minimum of 3 days from the initial consultation to the actual investigation, during this time the research team will design a detailed layout of the area to base all references/activity/phenomena and any testings from.

After we have met with the client we then refer the findings to our Research team and Historian to research the history of the property to see if there is any information is available. There will also be a geographical and historical check of the land the property was built on.


The investigation

Upon arrival at the property, the Research team will conduct a ‘Base Line Test’.

Our Team members refer to the map drawn up in the consultation session and using our core pieces of equipment we take readings for each area to be investigated.  These readings are then used as the basis for initial measurements for the rest of the Investigation and provide a figure to base any sudden reading changes from.

We also monitor environmental factors during an investigation using local weather plotters to determine natural temperature fluctuations.

There are several pieces of equipment that can be used to take base line test readings from - As a minimum we take measurements consisting of EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) readings, Temperature readings using a laser thermometer and a digital thermometer and photographs of every angle of the location. 

We also make a general area check - the importance of this is to rule out any sources of draughts and electrical items which might influence the equipment readings and/or feelings around the investigator. It is a lot easier to rule out what seems to be a highly active area if we already know what areas have main power supplies running through a wall, in a ceiling or under the floor. Another reason is safety - the safety of all participants is always our top priority and if there is anything that could cause a hazard when walking around in the dark such as sharp objects that protrude or slippery surfaces they need to be noted and made safe.

The Base Line Test will be conducted shortly before we split up into smaller groups to conduct vigils.  A typical investigation consists of between four and five vigils (alternating the area that each team conduct the vigil within). Vigils usually last for approximately thirty to forty-five minutes and we encourage the client to get involved. We feel it important that the client sees exactly what we do and how we work throughout the night.

It is important to remember that during an investigation:

 ·        WOLF will never undergo any unconventional ways to conduct an investigation without the client or proprietors consent. WOLF uses many different methods to document paranormal activity and in all instances the client will be informed.

·        WOLF never go into an investigation to harm or distress clients. All investigations are performed professionally and with the greatest respect to all involved.

·        Any alternative methods used during an investigation will be conducted by professionals and will always leave a property the way we found it.

After we have spent the evening gathering evidence of any phenomena and all readings/experiment results, we then take that information away with us for analysis to rule out any alternative explanations, listen to tape recordings and watch any video footage.

We allow up to 4 weeks for analysis and compilation of the report before issuing it to the client.

The client will receive a thorough and complete report of our findings.

We offer a free follow-up service if required and may conduct a further investigation. 

Our support staff will maintain contact with the client also to make sure there are no changes in circumstances either pre/prior investigation.



For urgent cases within a 10 mile radius of Stourbridge, we can usually conduct a consultation and investigation within 24hrs. (This is for instances where the client is fearful to stay in the property). 

We also have key team members in Coventry and Birmingham so non-local cases may also fall into this category subject to staff availability.

For cases out of the immediate area we will conduct a consultation via phone within 24hrs with a follow-up visit and/or investigation within 7-10 days.



We will conduct an initial consultation via phone within 48hrs and arrange a follow-up visit and/or investigation at a convenient time for the client and our team members.




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